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Swedish Massage
Ashiatsu Style Japanese Massage

 Ashiatsu Style, Japanese Massage

  • Oil free, free of oily skin after massage
  • and allergic reactions
  • Removal of clothing unnecessary
  • Relaxes muscles all the way down to the bone
Versatile - deep to gentle,
yet is more efficient at relaxing muscles,
especially in thick or tight areas, than conventional massage.
An added benefit, as a healing energy modality,
strengthens the body's acupuncture meridians.
The Therapist stands or sits on a stool,
utilizing soft socked feet, to completely relax the muscles.
The client wears soft cotton clothing &
lies on a floor height massage table.
on top of the full-length BioMat .

Relief from muscle and joint pain
The Bio Mat
Cradles the head & back with the warmth of infrared rays
as the pure amethyst, negative ions
deliver healing signals to every cell in your body.

Pkg series
5 AshiatsuMassages 75 min  $250
Save $75

Discounts for Referrals,
for first time appointment from your referral
$5 off for you and your referral
Once experienced, it is often the preferred choice of clients.
I highly recommend this massage - George L

A tremendous experience! – Janis Wright
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