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Marion Moat

It would be my pleasure to put my extensive experience with All about Aging Later to work for you.Nutrition and lifestyle can greatly reduce aging. My degree in nutrition adds to my expertise in aging later. Results, check out my my birthdate, 11/21/51

To reduce the stress of life and allow a deep nurturing of body, mind & spirit, enabling Health & Well Being. In 2000 I created a boutique spa in a lovely, relaxing, setting, free of hair/nail toxins, staff & milling customers. Personal attention is maximized just for you. Credentials Esthetician & Myotonologist (muscles & electricity) Face Lift Toning. 53 yrs. Holds an A.S. in Fitness, Nutrition and a B.A. in Ed.

Licenses / Certification

A Licensed Massage Therapist, Esthetician, Facial cupping, Acupressure, Neuro Synthesis, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Reconnective Healing & Medical Intuitive - Dialogue with the Body Practitioner. Marion’s illustrated book, Luscious Recipes for Skin, Hair and Bath Treatments; is Loaded with recipes for masks, skincare & a Nutritional Guide for Anti-Aging.

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