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Anti-Wrinkle Polish & Plump Peel


For the most dramatic, instant change to your skin, experience the Vitamin C Peel. Treat your skin to the renewing benefits of microdermabrasion and a lactic peel while you receive the rejuvenating effects of peptides, vitamin C, green tea, bearberry and cucumber.

Attain all these rewards at Brier Spa

Why it's been called the "Best Skin Refresher":

• Visibly refills wrinkles and helps to replump skin for renewed smoothness · 

 • Promotes bringing healthy new cells to your skin's surface, gently

• Enriched with antioxidants that help skin recover from daily damage

• Skin looks breathtakingly radiant, refined and perfectly smooth

"The first time people hear the "peel" word, they think 'Oh my gosh, my skin is going to be red and flaky. I'll have to stay hidden for a week.' That's not this Peel. It’s exfoliating to the 10th power without the irritation or flaking. If you got a big event or need a pick-me-up, the peel will have you radiant in no time."

“In this two-step treatment peptides reduce fine lines and wrinkles, while lactic acid and vitamin C whisk away dullness.”

A satin finish with peptide hydrater, sun protection.

Awarded “Best Skin Refresher” by Fitness Magazine


The results are instant. My skin has improved color and texture. I even had it done on my hands and saw great results for soft, glowing skin. I can't stop touching my skin. by Lori Easten, age 47

This peel is great! I have very good skin and it's really tough to find something to make it look any better but this peel really makes my skin glow. I Really Love the Immediate Results Anne Bigalow, age 27

My skin looks like I had a laser treatment without the redness or irratation!

Sensitive skin, Betty Rutlege., age 46

Best Results are obtained in a series of treatments 2-3 weeks apart. Each treatment stimulates greater benefits bringing more healthy new cells to your skin's surface.

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