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Pricing per student

single $30, groups 2-4 $25, groups 6-7 $25, groups 8-up $20

Give Your Face a Lift! 


Treat yourself and your face to this very special experience! Using your fingertips, you will learn how to give yourself an acupressure face lift. Discover how this relaxing technique stimulates the muscles, circulation, and pressure points to improve your skin and lift the facial muscles. And, as a special preview, instructor Marion Moat will include a few tips from her class "Anti-Aging Secrets: Skin & Body." You will receive handouts for the Acupressure Face Lift and the connection between specific facial blemishes and the organs/glands to take home. approx 1 1/2 hrs

Secrets for Skin & Body

Look & Feel Younger 


Discover natural anti-aging secrets to enhance your skin and generate a healthy body. Learn about "super" foods, formulas and routines, plus recipes for masks, cleansers, moisturizers, skin smoothers, acne solutions, and hair repairs!  A mask and toner will be available to sample, you will also receive two recipes based on your skin type and a handout on the latest ingredients to look for in commercial wrinkle smoothers.

approx 1 1/2 hrs


Give Your Tummy and Derrière a Lift in 7 days!

Just in time for your New Year's resolutions: This fun workshop will teach you an easy, 30-minute routine for shapely, stronger, and slimmer stomach, derriere and hips, plus full 30-second deep stretches for back, stomach, legs and hips. The strengthening exercises are fun, easy, and get results--you will see a difference after just seven days! Strengthening the stomach and hips with the specialized hip/leg stretches will amplify movement ability and benefit conditions of low back and hip pain or Sciatica. Students will receive an illustrated guide for the stretches and routine taught in class. Instructor Marion Moat has overcome hip, knee and ankle difficulties and has a B.A. in Education, an A.S. in fitness and nutrition, and is a licensed massage therapist. Please bring an exercise mat and a stretch band, cord, or an extra long measuring tape; any of these items may be used to facilitate stretches, in class. Couples welcome.

Optional illustrated booklet, containing seven 30-minute, fun routines for each day of the week, will be available in class for $15. approx 1 1/2 hrs

Dialogue with the Body (DB) Classes & Manual

See description under DB list on left 

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