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for Youthful Aging


Optimum Health

in person, by phone, or computer


$30 for a half hour, $50 for a hour

your choice of topics, for example

  • Stress; Health effects, adrenal support, stress reduction techniques, breath work, emotional  release and energetic   modalities- see below
  • Your diet and gut, For specific skin or health concerns recommended foods/herbs 
  • Feeding the skin cells directly with a list of at home nutrient masks,
  • Wonder foods for the Skin or Health. Nutrition; Foods that help with inflammation, hot flashes, the skin to age later. Supplements for skin, hair and bones.  Skin nutrients and vitamins
  • Water, sleep and movement how they affect the health ,stress and skin-length and depth of wrinkles, organs and glands rejuvenation.
  • Give Your Face a Lift! acupressure face  lift.  Treat yourself and your face to this very special experience! Using the fingertips, Discover how this relaxing technique stimulates the muscles, circulation, and pressure points to improve the skin and lift the facial muscles. Chart of specific points on the face and corresponding organs/glands treatments. Students will learn the pressure point sequence and techniqu
  • Firming the neck under the chin
  • How to prevent side sleeper wrinkles
  • Energetic modalities For Health and Stress R elief, See Below  

Short Routine:10-12 min

Foot rolling,

acupressure pressure points-for relaxing

the back, hip, shoulder and back,

a little QI gong for heart kidneys intestines

and ending with a Five minute

yoga routine for balancing/strengthening the body.

Recommendations; Sharon Eber

Wow! reminds of a my college classes, packed full of information, took lots of notes, even with the great handouts of class information.

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