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Face Lift Toning

Benefits: See Results First Time!

Interview with Jennifer Aniston, in Inside Magazine

How do you handle the pressure to look young?

Jen, "I like a good Microcurrent Facial"

Stimulates Acupressure Points to benefit muscles & organs

Shortens or lengthens the muscles, to lift

the facial contours with micro currents of electricity

● Lymphatic Drainage for Puffiness

● Relaxes Tight Neck Muscles



Recent microcurrent studies performed at the University of Washington indicate a 14% increase in the production of collagen, a 48% increase in Elastin production, and a 38% increase in blood circulation over the course of 20 days. No other esthetic service can come close to these proven results!

Facelift Toning Sessions

The Sessions Are Relaxing and Soothing. Clients are pampered for approximately 45 min by a licensed Esthetician & certified Myotonologist. Using the Bio therapeutic computer, she shortens & lengthens the muscles of the face and neck with micro currents of electricity.

Half the face will be lifted first, the client may look to see the difference, and then the other side of the face will be lifted. There is usually a visible difference with just one session.

After the muscles are lifted, the micro currents are adjusted for skin therapy. Micro currents increase skin cell activity by enabling the ATP available for cellular use.New skin cells appear at a more youthful rate, softening lines, smoothing & tightening the complexion, speeding healing from acne, recent surgery, burns and pre/post surgery.

How many Sessions will I need?

10 sessions, 2-3 times a week, then once every 3 weeks

 a series of 10 memory muscle treatments approx. 3 times a week,

example (M-W-F). The 10 Treatments, 1 to 2 days apart, are required to retrain and tone the muscles to hold for maintenance.

The muscles will lose their training (memory to hold facelift) when approaching three to four weeks. To keep the lift, after the 10 sessions, maintenance sessions, 3 weeks apart, will stop the breakdown of memory ~ tone. Skin stimulation is included in the series and the maintenance sessions.

Mini Training sessions must be rescheduled,

when maintenance treatments, are past 4 wks

Will clients with cosmetic surgery benefit? Yes!

Clients with previous cosmetic surgery will continue to firm and tone. Anyone considering cosmetic surgery will benefit by increasing the tone of the muscles, under the skin before the surgery. After surgery, facial toning can reduce scarring, speed healing and still increase muscle tone, gaining even more lift after the surgery than they could have achieved with the surgery alone. Facial toning will maintain the surgical lift results, delaying the natural muscle droop, starting approximately two years after the surgery.

Does a client’s health/nutrition affect lift? Yes!

Good Health; exercise, nutrition, hydration , relaxation, sleep, spinal alignment, internal health & an amino acid complex will positively affect the muscles ability to lift and hold between maintenance appointments.

Poor health, drinking, excessive lack of sleep, nerve compression, and smoking will decrease the tone and holding between treatments.

Note: two weeks are recommended between maintenance treatments for Clients with these conditions.

Tranquilizers and muscle relaxants will hinder the machines effects.

Note: (For Maximum Lift) Drink a cup of water & do not eat or smoke, 30 min. before opts. If possible, arrive with a clean face.

You may apply makeup after your facelift.

Complimentary Vitalizer Plus water, and the Biomat both

enhance the lift results during the micro current toning.

Enjoy Add on Mask Services

with your Face Lift

only $5 each

Vit C Mask

Hydrate, even skin tone

& reduce redness

Stem Cell Wrinkle Smoother Mask

both can be utilized for greater benefits


Micro Dermabrasion with your Facelift! 





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