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Marion Moat

Medical Intuitive

Communicates with your Body

To clear , strengthen or link emotional, physical or energetic fields

Enabling the body to heal itself

Work with the Body’s

Healing system to benefit

These conditions

Allergies - Arthritis

Fibromyalgia - environmental effects - Chronic Fatigue

muscle pain - injuries

pathogens - toxins - cellular repair - brain - body systems; circulatory - digestive - immune lymphatic - nervous

reproductive - respiratory urinary - organs - glands - fascia bone - energetic fields - emotions

Works with all modalities, does no harm, uses the body’s innate wisdom to treat in the order of the priority

As a Medical Intuitive, Mrs. Moat, utilizes three techniques to communicate with your body, mind & spirit; verbal, auditory & visual.

The Verbal technique DB, is clarified below.


DB, Dialogue with the Body

“We are beginning to map energetic pathways in the body. We need a way to communicate with these electronic circuits, turn on the right switches & harness the body's ability to heal itself. Energetic approaches work quickly & with few side-effects. This is medicine of the future.” James Oshman, Ph.D.

(DB) is a health care modality.

It is specifically, energy medicine to

communicate with the energetic electronic pathways

within the body, our conscious minds and spirit.

DB swiftly strengthens the body’s communication system

(healing ability)

on all levels.

DB is non-invasive, safe, & complementary with other modalities

DB harnesses the body’s own healing abilities to effect change & create continuing improvements in health.

When the communication system, within the parts of the body, is free from interference, the body can, apart from severe situations heal itself.

DB is a wonderful communication tool

  • To access the body’s innate wisdom
  • To clear what the body wants cleared, strengthened or linked
  • To tell us, what needs to be addressed & the effective order of priority
  • Allows the practitioner to know when & how to attend to your issues & when to refer you elsewhere
  • Your concerns are met in safe, holistic way, no drugs, surgery or high costs

If a body does not need a treatment

Or it is incorrectly performed, DB will do nothing.

Outstanding results in almost every area of heath care.

DB can be a stand-alone health care system.

  • DB is complementary & can be effortlessly included with other health care modalities
  • It is totally non-invasive and absolutely safe. There are no contraindications to its use.
  • It will not make things worse, everyone who receives DB has nothing to lose and everything to gain for their own well being
  • Clients thoroughly enjoy the sessions and the results are evident within all aspects of health mind, body, & spirit.

No diagnosis is given, no medications prescribed,

and no invasive techniques imposed upon the client

The DB Practitioner verbally

communicates with the body

The body’s innate wisdom is engaged with 4 techniques

1. Tapping acupressure points,

2. Belly breathing, (energy strengthening)

3. Bio feedback ~ weight shifting not (arm muscle kinesiology.) Bio feedback is used to communicate with & receive a response (yes /no) from your body’s innate wisdom

4. By following a wide-ranging navigator (menu-driven yes/no questioning), the practitioner can discover exactly what the body needs & the order of priority to harmonize bodymind function.

The practitioner can be likened to a GPS for the body; asking it what it needs, and using the Navigator to find the specific area for self treatment.

Navigator Areas; Physical Body, Energetic Fields, Pathogens, Environmental Effects, Body/Mind, Consciousness, Clearing Trapped Emotions 

What happens during Treatment?

Clinical studies confirmed with brain wave apparatus attached to the client during a tapping session, revealed great bursts of brain waves

stimulated in relation to the treated body parts

The practitioner gently taps the head of the client in order to focus the brain (nervous system) to repair, then lightly taps the breastbone to store the changes (new balance) in the heart (innate), to deep memory.

Most clients notice a greater sense of well-being and relaxation immediately after the treatment. They feel more serenity with themselves and often report sleeping better, noticing more energy or feeling balanced. Treatments generally range from 15-30 min

Case Studies

Susy Parker Goins; "I took the first class in Dialogue with the Body and learned so much. Since then, I have used DB to discern which supplements and foods are best for my body at a given time. As a result of using the DB tool, I am around 70 pounds lighter. That's 10 pounds away from my goal. Thank you!"

37 year old female with Crohn’s disease
Heaviness lifted felt lighter and at ease with the world. The sessions gave her relief from symptoms. The client felt on the whole stronger, more confident & happier. She said DB has been “life changing”.

Testimony from Sandy Bolin; “Marion’s talents, knowledge, intuition etc. regarding DB are wonderful. Being a Reiki master myself, I am in awe of Marion’s skills and abilities. She has cleared many things for me, trauma, slipped discs in my back, problems with a three-year history of infection, allergies and much more”.

Testimony from Lynn Hajnal ; “Tiredness, heaviness, irritation gone, vision cleared; feel happy, as if weight of the world lifted from head & shoulders, lighter & freer. Attitude is changed, I feel good, can move on, feel energized, mundane now is cheerful, as if a negative veil was lifted.”

Chris Savage; history of sarcoma from lump in throat, Tx surgery, chemo & radiation. Every 6 mths retested, doing well, however spots appeared in lungs on last retest. Chris undertook a session of DB, After DB treatment, Chris had a CT scan, results; spots cleared from lungs.

56-year-old female History of numbness in the right shoulder & right hand, ear infection, & pain in the knees. During the 1st session, she reported warmth moving down her shoulder to her hand, the tingling & numbness disappeared, pain in the knees immediately started to lessen & gradually cleared following 3 treatments. The ear infection cleared but returned after three days. During 2nd session her body communicated it needed additional help, from a traditional MD to clear the infection.

Female with long time Migraine History; Migraines cleared after treatment with DB and adding the herbal fever few.

DB does not diagnose ailments. DB balances overall functions so the body can heal itself.

The balancing process may address these issues:

allowing a profound impact on overall health

DB aids your body to identify & clear allergies, pathogens, toxins, balance the brain, clear past and present emotional blockages, effecting or behind a condition. Balance energy levels, mood, acupuncture meridians, chakras, digestive disorders, injuries, strengthen organs, glands, body parts, align spine, muscle tension, bones, body systems: nervous/circulatory/lymphatic, body chemistry, blood sugar balancing, & genetically or environmentally influenced cell disorders. Tumors, cysts, fibroids, & problems with scarring.

Marion Moat Biography

After traditional medicine offered no relief, Marion continued searching for energetic modalities to treat her allergies, digestive disorders, Fibromyalgia & other health issues.

Marion experienced some but incomplete relief from energetic modalities such as NAET and in 2003 Neuro-synthesis. In 2004, Marion found success in her search for relief, when inspired by Neurosynthesis; she developed Dialogue with Body (DB).

DB covers a wider range of treatment options, includes Pranic healing, can easily be modified to include other modalities, and utilizes a unique more accurate technique to communicate with the body, that increases accuracy and permits the user to test/treat themselves.

This precise accurate technique to question the body is not shared by other energetic modalities such as Neuro-Synthesis, Body Talk, Neuromodulation Technique ,NAET, or TBM

Early History of Energetic Kinesiology

Energetic Kinesiology modalities mentioned above were guided by earlier discoveries of George Goodheart, D.C. who published on Muscle Response Testing in 1964, utilizing classical kinesiology and by Dr. John Diamond (awarded the Naughton-Manning Prize for Psychiatry) and the author of Your Body Doesn’t Lie ©1979.

Dr. Diamond practiced clinical research in preventive medicine, developing the theories & practical applications of early behavioral kinesiology (muscle testing techniques), psychiatry, nutrition and music therapy used in the 70’s to test which stimuli strengthens or weakens a body such as;stress, posture, specific foods, emotions, social & physical environment.

The use of DB is not meant to substitute professional medical care or treatment. If you have health concerns consult with a qualified health care professional

Emotional & Physical Health

Dialogue with the Body

(DB) Treatments $15 – 15 min

First 5 min are free

Dialogue with the Body

Classes/Work shops

Prices: Individual Classes/Manual

One hour private, series course classes;

each class; $45.00 each, $30 for manual

Work Shops

DB is also offered for group workshops; an introductory or single topic 2 hour, 3 hour & 4 hour workshop, Hrs/Prices vary depending on group size and location.

Available private class schedule;

Monday - Friday daytime classes 11-7:00 PM,

Sundays are by appointment.

Call 206-992-7606 to schedule.

All classes advance at the students own pace

Daily Practicing with DB, amplifies the student’s communication between the body’s parts, systems, and the innate. Enabling the body’s ability to heal.

All material is © from 2004 on by Marion Moat

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