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Malia Mihailoff

“"Of all the facials I have had, Marion is by far the best. My very sensitive skin always feels soft, rejuvenated and fresh after seeing her. Her gentle and natural approach to skin care couples well with her wonderful and friendly demeanor. She freely shares her extensive knowledge of the body and the skin alike. I highly recommend Brier Spa!"

Service Category: Spa services

2008 (visited more than once)

Suzanna Davis

"Marion has transformed my approach to skin care forever. As a gifted teacher with a well of knowledge, resources, and methods, she has empowered me to nurture my skin to its optimal appearance with natural substances that my skin craves, rather than perpetuating a dependency on the mystery formulas and hype of the cosmetic and commercial skin care industry. I wish I had gone to her years ago; she has already saved me so much money and time, and my skin hasn't looked better in years!"

Service Category: Beauty

Year 2010

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Testimony from Sandy Bolin ; “Marion’s talents, knowledge, intuition etc. regarding DB are wonderful. Being a Reiki master myself, I am in awe of Marion’s skills and abilities. She has cleared many things for me, trauma, slipped discs in my back, problems with a three-year history of infection, allergies and much more”.

Susy Parker Goins

I took the first class with Marion, in Dialogue with the Body and learned so much. Since then, I have used DB to discern which supplements and foods are best for my body at a given time. As a result of using the DB tool, I am around 70 pounds lighter. That's 10 pounds away from my goal. Thank you!

Marylou D'antonio, Ed.D

Hello Marion, Thank you so much for the Medical Intuitive DB treatment today. It seems to have really lightened the symptoms of the virus. Thank you thank you thank you. I was really tired of it after a month. Blessings and light,

Arlene Thomas has recommended your work as owner at Brier Spa. Dear Marion,

I've written this recommendation of your work to share

"Marion takes personal responsibility for her health and encourages her clients to do the same. She cares more about your personal well being than she does about her business profits." 

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